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Top 5 Christmas Albums

Saturday, 29 November 2014

My calendar says November 30th, but mentally I'm already in the midst of December. In fact, I'd invite you in for a christmas mince pie if I hadn't already eaten the last of my most recent batch. Ha. 

Obviously I've been listening to Christmas music since the start of November (not even joking - on my spotify playlist it says "created Nov 2"). Because I want to make sure that you too have the best possible christmas experience you can, I shall soon precede to tell you my top tunes for this season. Right, let's get on with it - in no particular order.

1. "O Come All Ye Faithful" by Moriah Peters
So technically this is actually a single, and sadly I don't think there is an album to follow it (let me know if you've heard any new goss!). Although this artist isn't very well known, this song is just so beautiful, very beautiful, sheer beautiful. I think you'd be shocked at how many times I've had this on repeat #notevenjokingrightnow.

2. "Cliff At Christmas" by Cliff Richard
For me, this album is Christmas. Full stop. Ever since I was a little kid, the CD of this has been consistently slotted into our CD player every year on December 1st. Christmas wouldn't be christmas with this melodic medley. So thanks, Cliff.

3. "Christmas" by Micheal Buble
I think everyone has this on their Christmas playlists - it seems to be the background noise for any particularly festive activity. I'm not complaining at all, I could listen to his voice all day. That man. Not in a weird way though....

4. "Christmas" by Francesca Battistelli
You know how everyone has that secret song/album/artist that they listen to but never reveal to the world? For example, when I was 13 it was "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus. Cringe. Well this fantastic Francesca lady has been mine for years now (I'm loving her new album too), she's a wonderful woman of God and has an amazing voice - naturally, her Christmas album is always a welcome addition to the season. 

5. "What Christmas Means To Me" by Stevie Wonder
A old but fun feel-good song, great for boogieing and cheering up. Got some fun memories of busking with this song too! 

I feel like I've just let you into quite a deep and raw aspect of myself - it can be a little scary letting people know what goes on inside your headphones haha. So, because I've just blabbed I'm now going to hand the rubber ducky to - yup, here you go - so you can tell me what you listen to! Eager am I to expand my Christmas playlist ;) 

I've used the word "Christmas" 13 times already, so I'll stop here. Have a fantastic day (:



Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Taken in a mystical, magical forest..

I like to achieve things, and I like to achieve things well. I'm a proud "list-lover", a "notebook hoarder" and a downright perfectionist. A lot of my life revolves around lists, which may sound like a prison for some, but I love to have everything neat and oh, that feeling of checking something off. Yes.

The above are all good things. But I worry that sometimes they can turn to jelly? As in: life can become all about the results, and the work.

So far, you might be nodding your head. Yeah, she sounds all right. Has a few thoughts in her noggin (*brain). Let me read you this from a book currently by my bedside: "The Artisan Soul" by Erwin Raphae McManus.

"Religion is our response to God from a perspective of coercion and compliance. We fear God, so we do his bidding and risk coming near him, all the while waiting to put distance between ourselves and our Creator. God is, however, profoundly misunderstood. Worship is not something we are called to so that God can reinforce his status. It is his way of calling us near. He asks us to grab the lighter and set the altar on fire - not because he could not do it himself, but because he wants us to come near. He wants us to realise that while we thought all he wanted form us was the work, it was actually an invitation to come near and know his love."

In the world of philosophical books, I make sure I have my head screwed on tight and I definitely do not believe everything I read. But this did make me think.

To summarize for those sleepy readers (I feel you): God doesn't love us for what we do, he loves us for who we are.

Yes, go ahead and write that somewhere on your wall or in iNote. You're welcome.

I have a few hundred dreams (not even exaggerating here), and you know what, the world is my oyster and the sky is the limit. But we gotta be careful that all this work doesn't become about having to earn Gods love. He loves us just as we are.

Whether you become the worlds best toenail cutter, or a snazzy salsa teacher, in all your ways submit to Him and He will make your paths straight (Proverbs 3:6).

I might need to leave you just now, my loved one awaits...... (HELLO DAY OLD PIZZA).

ha. xo

Write-a-novel November

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

"Complete and utter nerd" is the title often given to fellow writers who stay holed up in their room eating cold toast and drinking gallons of tea. But, if you are one of those "nerds," then I can guarantee your heart might have been racing a little when you read the title of this post.

Is it really "write a novel" November?

Yes. Oh yes.

Great was my excitement when I heard the news. I'm not committing myself to 30 days (plus I only found out yesterday), but it's definitely given me a nudge toward writing more. 

WHERE DO I GO?? WHERE DO I GO?!?! Calm down my friend, it's ok. The organisation's website is right here

My advice as you embark on your new found writing journey: Just. Do. It. 

(If that doesn't stick in your brain then just buy a Nike t-shirt)

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