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Dear Diary: 2015

Monday, 5 January 2015

It's no secret that I love stationery, and I always get particularly passionate about diaries. Not gonna lie - I have wanted the frankie diary since February last year, bought in August, and it arrived in October. The hardest part was watching it sit there, a juicy fresh notepad, waiting to be devoured. Too far?

2014 was a big reconnaissance mission, a year of unfinished notepads, "trial" diaries. But I've got it sorted this year. I struggled to constantly keep a diary every single day for years, because I didn't want to restrict myself by buying an actually diary with lines and dates, so I used a notepad but then it would put more pressure on me and in return I just stopped writing in it altogether. 

Here's my plan: write everyday a few lines in my diary. And if I want to write more about a day, maybe if something special happened, then I can do that in my notebook (which has both lined and unlined pages - BRILLIANT). I can also write prayers, doodles, thoughts, drawings, etc. in it too.

May you have a fantastic new year and happy diary keeping - what stationery have you purchased for 2015? 


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