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The Social Etiquette of Perfume | Clarins Deodorant Review

Friday, 29 August 2014

I wonder what the world would think of me if they knew that this classy chick is actually wearing deodorant. As a perfume.


Before you judge, let me explain: the Clarins perfume is my absolute favourite. A few christmases ago I got given a little bottle, and it has been sitting on my dresser table ever since. A couple of weeks ago I popped it into my bag thinking what a smart and clever organised woman I was to think ahead (I know what you're thinking - wow). As the evening wore on, one of my friends remarked "Something smells like lavender?" Another agreed "Yeah, where's it coming from??" I had completely forgotten my devious plan about the perfume, so I joined in too. We vigorously used our olfactory senses on anything and everything around us (except the bag) and still couldn't figure it out. As we were leaving, I picked up my bag only to find, to my dismay, the bottom of it being soaked. Cautiously I lifted it to my nose, and almost sneezed in fright at how strong the smell was. Gotcha.

I waited till it had died down a little, but I think people began to suspect something when the smell followed us into the car. We laughed it out, but no slick jokes could gloss over my annoyance. My favourite perfume. BOOM. Thankfully it was only a little bottle and it was (as aforementioned) a few years old.

My heartbreak only lasted till a few days later when my amazing mother came home with a bottle of "Clarins Doux Deodorant." Or deodorant if you're not french. Apparently they did not have the little bottle in stock, and this was the next best thing. My little fingers clasped the bottle, and went through the perfume-testing-procedure: easy to open lid. CHECK. Suitable sprayer. CHECK. Spraying amount. CHECK. Smell. CHECK.

If there was any shame in using a deodorant as a perfume, it was washed away with that first spray. Ooh, I'm rhyming? Cheeky. Seriously though, it smells very close to the actual perfume, and it's cheaper too. It has a slight deodorant smell (very slight) which is not bad at all, it must just be an ingredient used in deodorants.

My ramblings must come to an end, for one can only talk for perfume for so long. Can they? Don't answer that, I just wanted to sound philosophical.

Short story short: definitely shameless wearing and smells very very near amazing. Give it a go!

Comment below your favourite perfumes (and if you've ever had any mishaps - please tell me it's not just me?).



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