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Lush Haul July

Friday, 1 August 2014

“Last entry: 3 weeks.”


I’m truly sorry. But, there is still some year left so I shall try redeem my New Years Resolution of blogging more. 

Today is exciting because I get to show you all the things I got from Lush. (this isn’t sponsored by the way) I kinda get blank looks when I tell people that I shop at Lush. “You spent how much on bath bombs??” Yes, I did. And it’s SOOOO worth it. 

First up, don’t be shy, is the space girl bath bomb! Sorry guys, I didn’t manage to take a photo of this one, I meant to, but then whoops, it ‘slipped’ into the bath tub.. It makes the bath go bright red, it’s not as sparkly as it looks, but it smells amazing and my skin was nice and soft afterwards. 

Next is the mermaid water bath bomb. It’s actually called big blue but it makes mermaid water when you mix it with the sunny side sparkly gold bath bomb. It has seaweed in it, and it smells really good, more of a refreshing scent.

Then I have my honey trap lip balm. I love this stuff. I use it everyday, and it has nice and natural ingredients. It even has white chocolate in it! Real, literal, white chocolate. I can’t over it. White chocolate?!

"Dorothy". The Wiz + lush = AMAZING BUBBLE BAR. 

This is the rose argan hair mask. It’s nice, and my hair is definitely soft and moisturised after I use it. I do have to use a lot, then again I have a lot of hair. Only thing is - I like to rinse this out instead of shampoo, because it feels like when I shampoo ALL of the goodness comes out. Make sure you put it on evenly otherwise some parts of your hair will come out smoother than others. Just a tip.

Floating island is the name of this little baby. It has to be one of my favourite scents, it smells so good, and looks like a cute little island too.

This one is called twilight (I think), and it has a candy smell. I can’t wait to see what colour the water turns. Bright pink? Purple?

Then is my ‘aqua mirabilis body butter’. It has a nice soapy smell and it “moisturises, scents and exfoliates your skin” according to the description (I haven’t tried it yet - can’t wait!).

This is a little bath melt (it was MELTing in my hand as I opened it haha) that says “dream time” on the front. So I’m guessing it’s called dream time? It smells indescribably good, kind of like walking into a Lush store (I'm sucking at describing the smells...I guess you'll just have to go and smell them yourself ;). 

This is imperialis, my facial moisturiser. It makes my skin so soft and moisturised. It is for combination skin, so it is perfect.  

This is the Comforter Bubble Bar, it smells like a black jelly bean even though it is pink. So nice :o

That's all. A thought....haha can you imagine working for Lush? Surrounded by nice smelling things all day. Lush, if you are reading this, and in need of an employee, HELLO TO YOU.

Hope you are having a fantastic day. I would love to hear what Lush things you have been enjoying lately so comment below with you faves. God bless and remember that He is always with you no matter where you are.  


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