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Rainbow Fan

Saturday, 30 August 2014

I practically laughed out loud the other day when I saw this fan (apologize for the dustiness - it's been in the garage for a while - you'll learn how). Why? Well, begrudgingly she says, I will relate, but you have to realise this was a ages ago (last year) and I can't say the embarrassment has quite worn off.

I was all excited. I had started my blog, and was searching around for fun DIYs to share. Pinterest, my trusty friend, provided ample inspiration. Project after project was tossed around in the air, and then my oh my, I saw this:

Goodness me, what a state I was in! I knew we had an old fan upstairs, and some primary coloured paint. It was one of those rare moments in life where I actually had everything I needed for a DIY. I allocated the whole of my saturday morning. Yup, dedication right there.

So I was taking photos to MAKE SURE I documented everything. First stroke of paint SNAP second stroke of paint SNAP holding my snack SNAP third stroke of paint SNAP.

Oh, and something no one ever tells you is that you shouldn't turn a fan on when it has wet paint on it. That's partly why the paint is slightly spotted - and why my grey t-shirt has tiny flecks of paint on it. Actually, that could be something that people TELL you to do! Because who doesn't want a cool rainbow spotted shirt? Genius (and in case you're wondering, it comes off hair and skin just fine).

My half sanding attempt was an absolute fail, so I did have to do several coats of paint. Finally (I believe it was a Tuesday) the time came to turn it on. What spectacular sight was I greeted with?

Brown. Poo brown. You know the colour poo? Well that was it. Where was that "fantastic rainbow," eh? POO BROWN. POOOOOO BROOOOOOOWWWN.

So shortly after this episode the fan returned to it's loyal spot in the garage, no questions asked.

Occasionally the poo fan comes out of hiding on a hot day, but mostly it likes to lie low where no one can see. I don't blame it.

Putting my pride behind me, I am really writing this a year later to warn other nieve diy-ers. Don't be fooled by some fancy-fancy-woo-lop on pinterest saying THE WORLD IS A GREAT PLACE LOOK AT ME WITH MY RAINBOW FAN. Well I give up - how? How did they not end up with a poo fan?!?!? It is beyond me.

You have been warned, my friends. I would love to hear about your adventures in the world of crafting - I promise I won't laugh - ok maybe a little - comment below :)

Yours truly.


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