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August T.O.T.M.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

August Thing Of The Month

Raspberry Body Butter from The Body Shop
♥ During the winter months, my skin gets greatly deprived of moisture, regards to this stuff as it has saved me from looking like a crinkly old lady/alligator.

♥ It smells like a freshly opened box of Berry berry nice cereal. If you haven’t smelt that, it smells good.

♥ Although it does take a while to sink in, and my patience is always tried. I can’t say it didn’t warn me. It says “butter” on the front. I can’t be too harsh as this is the case with all moisturisers, it’s my half of the bargain I guess.

♥ All in all I do really love it. The body shop has a ton of yummy flavours, hands up if you're going to try mango next time.. *puts hand up sheepishly*


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