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Ice Lollies

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

These little cuties are what I like to call, Ice Lollies (the title would suggest).

I’ve seen ice blocks and such floating round pinterest, but since I didn’t really like a full on frozen slab (and it’s still winter), I made ice cubes. The first rays of sunshine have appeared, and if you see someone out there in the wind, ensconced in a puffer jacket and fluffy socks, trying to smile with hair in their mouth and one eye squinting, that might be me.

How to: find some ice cube trays (mine were hearts - SO ADORBS - I think they were from ikea). Fill them with apple juice/lemonade (I preferred the apple juice ones) and insert gummi bears, frozen berries, or simply leave as is. 

I used gummi bears (OOOH CHEEKY). 

I haven’t been able to stop eating them, but I am justifying this with the argument that it is a whole lot better than chocolate or cheesecake, and if you use berries then there is no sugar (apart from natural sugars in fruit obviously). 

Tell me below what you used/will use to make them!


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