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Hello 2014.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Wow. 2014.

It’s been a whole year since I started this blog, and when I look back, I’ve learnt so much on this really interesting journey.

Thanks to anyone who has read my posts, this blog is like a little outlet where I can preach, teach and share my thoughts.

I’m pumped about starting a new year. It’s going to be my best year yet. I might fall off a cliff, or I might win a million dollars. Who knows. (God knows – Jeremiah 29:11).

But one thing I know – and this was something that I just learnt the other day. It’s this:

“Doing the same things, making the same choices, doesn’t change the outcome. It’s insanity to keep making the same decisions expecting a different result.”

This relates a lot. In my life, especially with friends, I’ve tried the same things over and over expecting a different (better) result. But alas, I always came out of those decisions feeling like rubbish. Close (not really), but no cigar.
Old ways won't open new doors.

So 2013 was a bit rough. There were plenty of great moments, plenty of bad ones too. But as Dollly Parton said….


I’m so thankful to God, He really is everything, and He’s always there, in every moment, good and bad.

So here’s to a new year – I’m going to try new things, I’ve already made a long list of resolutions (comment if you want to hear them), but most importantly on that list is God. He’s everything, and I’m excited to jump into a new year of growing with God.

That’s it, isn’t it really? Jump. Jumping into this year – not just plodding along at the same pace, but jumping.

Or diving as Vogue says it. (I love this cover).

Alright, alright, enough about me. What about you? What are you going to change this year?

Here’s special message that I think God wants to say to you as you start this year. You’re really special, he loves you so much, and words can’t describe how much he’s looking forward to plunging into a new year with you. God does pay attention to seasons (he’s the one who created them after all) and I think now’s a time of new birth.

A song that I discovered on new years day (perfect timing isn’t it?) is Soldiers by Martin Smith. Go listen to it here.

“Onward Christian soldiers.”

I love that part of the song. *breaks into chorus with enthusiasm*.

So really what I’m saying is, have a great 2014. I’m praying for you, for everyone who is reading this.



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