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Christmas Countdowns (really just a little festive reminder)

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Summer’s finally crept up on me, and caught me without a tan (thank goodness for the fake stuff in the bottle – right?). Or maybe it’s gotten colder for all you people on the other side of the world (and yes we still in the sunnier parts sing carols like White Christmas, and all the ones about snow even though the coldest thing during our Christmas is the ice in our lemonade).

I've been really busy lately, but I'm really determined to do a lot of blogging this December, and when I'm determined, there's not much that can stop me (except for slow wifi - THERE'S NOTHING WORSE - #firstworldproblems).

So, here goes.
I love waking up every morning and jumping (or slowly rolling to be completely honest) out of bed and opening the countdown calendar. This year I found the sweetest little string of stockings countdown, similar to the one pictured above from Crate and Barrel.

There’s quite a few options – the easiest would be to go and buy one (there are heaps of different types), but for all you crafty types, making one is just as pretty.

This year I'm going to put little sweet treats in them (mini chocolate bars, candies, etc) and an encouraging note. Aww, how nice is that?! (I'd love to know what you're doing - comment below and inspire us all).

I realize most of you will already have your countdowns sussed – I applaud you if you do! But even so, this is just a little festive reminder if you like, that IT’S NOT LONG TILL CHRISTMAS. *sings Christmas song*

Ach hem.

So yes, have a very merry day and stay tuned for more Christmas-y posts!

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