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Bored Jar

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Hey! So this bored jar is basically for when you have NO IDEA what to with yourself, and need some fun. It's super easy and it sends the Boredom Monster running for the hills ;)

You need:
-a jar
-some stuff to decorate it
-some craft paper

So it's this easy: Decorate your "bored jar" with ribbons, craft paper, etc. Then cut the craft paper into little pieces of paper, and on each piece write a crazy and fun dare. For example, "bake a cake", "do 50 star jumps", "do your hair crazy and take selfies", "make a music video", etc. Make up your own random ones! Fold up these little bits of paper (kind of like in fortune cookies) and put them in the jar. Then whenever you're feeling B.O.R.E.D, pick random bits of paper from the jar and do them! (I dare you). 

Have fun (I know I did!!) xx

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