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White Christmas Pompoms

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Just like little puffles, aren’t they? Getting crafty for Christmas, I made these pompoms to add some spice to my room, décor on a budget. Hanging from the roof they literally make me want to jump up and down and say “SNOOOOWWWWWW!!!” because a) they’re white b) they remind me of snow and c) we don’t get snow where I am.

Here’s the story: because I love things that remind me of snow and are white (as I dutifully stated above), last year I naturally made paper snowflakes. 2d, of course. This year I decided to upgrade things to 3d (woop woop) and hence the puffles (oops I meant pompoms) dangling from roof. I arranged them in a chandelier type shape as a Christmas-y centerpiece :)

You need some tissue paper, pipe cleaners and string. That’s it.

Instead of me telling you how to make them step by step with random instructions and confusing photos, I’ll just head you in the right direction with a trusty youtube video. And by the way, instead of using a whole rectangle of tissue paper, I just used a quarter so that 6 of them could fit in my room without feeling cluttered.

Have loads of good times and my advice is to listen to Christmas music while you’re doing the cutting and folding part.


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