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Sunday, 13 April 2014

If you could imagine (which I’m sure you can) a swirling hurricane with thoughts and bits and bobs flying everywhere, that’s what the inside of my brain might look like right now. I can’t stop thinking about certain things which I should just be over by now. All the problems. The sucky moments. The whining about how my life stinks (it doesn’t – I told you I’m unreasonable when I’m tired). And tomorrow is Monday, Monday, Monday….I don’t have anything against it’s just so…..Monday-y.

You’re stuck. Or at least you have been – everyone, let’s be honest, has at some point been so bogged down by problems and things.

My advice: hit the zoom out button. Realize that this is just a day and it will end and that this is just a year and it will end. It’s a phase, you won’t be stuck there forever. Maybe ask yourself: does it really matter? It will seem like it does. But really, there’s so much more ahead.

Console yourself by the fact that everyone has their troubles. Yeah. #ME

Then do something that makes you happy. Dance to some hot beats (dance is always the answer), if it’s knitting and listening to Frank Sinatra, that’s more granny – like but still cool too.

I’m a human talking to another human. I can’t offer you a slab of gold but God can give you a great big hug right now. Say “He works everything together for my good” (Romans 8:28).

I feel like I want to cry but I’m happy at the same time….just me? Thought so. My emotions have a mind of their own. Whether that’s to my advantage, I’m not sure.


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