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Sunday, 23 March 2014

NOTE: This is not a whole post devoted just to a flavour of tea. Psh, that would be ridiculous!?

Autumn has arrived knocking rather harshly at our doors, demanding to be let in. Summer has been stretched out and I’ve been soaking up every extra ray, thanking my stars that it’s nearing the end of March and I’m still wearing shorts. As I peek through the crack in the door I reluctantly I feel the warmth-less winds buffeting me all around, and try to embrace that summer has pulled the curtain, gone to sleep, and drawn to a close.

Of course, it’s a roundabout now when I dust off the candles and pull out my good tea mug, excitedly scour the supermarkets for boxes (and boxes) of tea.

What floats your boat? Coffee? Tea? If it’s the latter, then you’ll be just as excited as I was when I first discovered that Ginger Kiss was actually a flavour. And if it’s not tea, then I give you permission to roll your eyes at my sincerity and keep scrolling.

I’ll admit, if I’d tasted it with a scody piece of ginger in mind, I’m not sure it would have been love at first sight. But with that sweet little sponge biscuit on the box? It’s a ginger-based flavour with a caramel vanilla infusion and it’s a completely autumn friendly flavour. If you’re looking for a new tea, then I believe you have found it. I BELIEVE.
Happiness weighs on my mind frequently as I try to class myself as 'a happy person'. I'm getting there (I'll write about it more in the future, as right now I feel that covering the topic of happiness is a little too daunting and I perhaps don't know enough about it). I feel so much more #happy by doing what I love. Cliché? 
And don’t be weighed down by the weather. I can feel that the rain and wind will soon come, so I’m enjoying every last drop of sunshine, every last whiff of summer.


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