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Something called our Western World

Monday, 2 June 2014

     Watch this video. It is so inspiring and doesn't it really bring into perspective our Western culture?

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     I am guilty of taking for granted the things that I have, and I completely agree with what Heidi is saying. Our time on earth is this long _____________ and our time in heaven is as long as you can imagine + forever. It doesn't matter how much money we earn. What shoes we wear.
     How easy is it to forget, in this swirl of Western culture, that there are people with no father, or mother, no food or water, riddled with sickness and disease.
     But it is easy. It is very easy. It is too easy.
     I want that intimacy. I love her - Heidi Baker is such an amazing lady, you can find more about her and her ministry here.
     What else do I say? Hope this inspires you, keep drawing closer and remembering THERE ARE KIDS IN AFRICA THAT HAVE NO FOOD. Love you.

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