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Why to NOT be yourself

Thursday, 26 June 2014

You say “I’m not very confident. I don’t know what to say and do in social situations.”
Some genial do-gooder says “Just be yourself! You’re awesome!”


If everyone were themselves, we would be self-centered, stealing, cheating, lying, abusing, etc. When we think about it, selfishness is what is destroying this world (aside from the need for love).

We don’t need to be more like ourselves, we need to be more like Jesus. Let him transform us into the best version of ourselves. Finding out who we are and what we stand for (WHAT DO I STA-AA-AA-ND FOR WHAT I DO I STA-AA-AA-ND FOR SOME NIGHTS I DON’T KNOW ANYMOOOOOOOOORE) is a quest with a rocky road, or a crossword answered with some 1840s euphemism for a mouldy bagel filled with pig. Can you imagine trying to track that baby down in a dictionary?

       1)      Don’t try to be like other people. Unless they are Jesus.

2)      Eat your bible. Become fat in faith.

3)      Let Jesus in, let him be your heartbeat, let him transform you, show you what he thinks of you.
4)    Be unique. I get so frustrated when I catch myself acting like Bob and Joe from across the road.

5)      Dance*.

You’ll find out who you are. Don’t worry. Replace that question mark with a tick.
*Optional but highly recommended. Scientists have proven that it is an automatic feel - good. Scientists have also proven that the people who have the most birthdays live the longest.

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