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12 Ways To Make Your Day Better | Winter Edition

Thursday, 18 September 2014

I know it's coming into winter for some of you, and for us down under it's just finishing, let's be honest, in all seasons we have winter-y days so sit back and enjoy. All photos are my own :)

1. Fluffy socks. I usually have to buy at least 2 pairs per winter because I wear them down worryingly quickly.

2. Before bed, warm your pyjamas on the heater. I just love doing this. Love, love.

3. Snuggles with pets. I was just saying the other day, everyone should have pet. Pets are like little fans, that follow you around, will do anything for you (it depends on the pet of course), and have the special offer of unlimited snuggles.

4. Read before bed. Find books so good that you can't put them down. I like to use goodreads for finding new literature.

5. Go on an adventure. Visit a museum. I love doing this - I'll be honest, at least a third of the pleasure I contrive is using my special local card. Or an art gallery. Go see a movie.

6. Create art. Winter is very beautiful weather for all things artsy. Get out your pencils, paints or camera, and wonder away.

7. Find "that" pair of jeans and wear them to death. I think the importance of having a good pair of jeans is underrated so this is me telling you that it does matter, spend those dollars baby, it'll be worth it.

8. Candles. Just let them glow, and relaaaaxxxx.

9. Take the time to make yourself a really nice hot drink (chai tea latte = MY FAVE). It may seem like a waste of time to some (not to most I'm sure) but it is a very inexpensive happiness booster.

10. Wake up five minutes earlier and enjoy a luxury lie in in bed. I can see where the saying "time is money" came from - it really is precious.

11. Stay active. It's so important to keep moving, and oh, does it make you sleep better. I have noticed this myself, I'm not just quoting something out of a health magazine. Youtube has tons of exercise routines if you need. And dance. Don't forget to dance. 30 min of dancing like no one is watching does wonders.

12. Bath. I tend to be more of a shower person, but every now and then, I'll force myself to get in the tub, and I never regret it. If you are looking for some good bath bombs to use, recently I did a Lush haul. TOP TIP: have an ice cold beverage at your arms length when in the bath, it's refreshing. 

BONUS: Put on those boots, gurrrrl. It's truly amazing what fab footwear does for one's happiness level and self esteem. Invest in a good pair - I dare you.

What do you do in winter to make your day better?



  1. I really enjoyed reading this post as it is fall where I live and soon winter will come. Thanks for the tips. Keep up the good work.



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