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Thursday, 11 September 2014

No clue where these originally came from, sorry!

I hope it's not just me. I love supermarkets. I truly do. They are clean, fresh and everything is nicely packaged. People can come together and meet, drive round cart thingies called trollies, without having to talk except for the odd "Nice special on the apples eh??," "Do you know where the eggs are located?" I just love it.

What may influence my joy is that I love food too. Baking makes me happy, so does making lists, so you bang those two together and supermarket is a natural solution. Shopping for fresh supplies is always a good thing.

Also, there is nothing like a freshly stocked fridge or pantry. Opening up the door and letting out a happy little sigh knowing that you have more than one good option for breakfast. The pure, raw joy!

There is something relaxing about going round and stocking up on goods. Feeling like such a winner when you get rice crackers for 99 cents (bargain!). Oh do empathize with me, you know you secretly love it.

Just the other day I was in the pick n mix section, happened to turn my back, and saw an orange roll across the floor. All the way across. This little gesture of rebellion just made me so happy. How often does one get to see an orange roll across the floor without being yelled at by a mother or getting a stern look from an angry Chinese grocer?

But supermarkets aren't all smooth sailing (maybe to the average joe). Have you ever felt that panic when you JUST CAN'T FIND THE AISLE WITH THE CONDENSED MILK so you end up walking around staring at the billboards like an idiot and then sheepishly have to go back the way you came? Twice? And don't tell me you've never been told off by a shelf stocker about spraying the deodorants. How am I supposed to choose a spray without smelling it first? Blind choosing? Is that some sort of sport?

My dream is to one day ride an electric scooter down the smooth white aisles. If you have a similar dream, then let's all take a moment to appreciate this.

And can we talk about trolleys? It's like driving a car, but much safer, and more satisfying. I certainly have never seen a trolley crash before. Now that I'm older, the general public no longer have the right to tell me off when I lift my feet off the floor and cling to the trolley as it goes flying forward. They do feel obliged to give me disgusted looks, but am I going to just say "oh sorry you're right that horrified look on your face just totally changed mind so sorry"?

I am happy about supermarkets today. So I kind just spat out a whole post on supermarkets. If you've made it to the end. Then well done. (and if you want bonus points, add in your comment "rhinos are purple" so I know ;)

What is your favourite thing about supermarkets? (unless you don't like them at all.... *chokes on orange juice*)


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